LEAD Program – Series 1 (AGENDA)



Day One

SESI 1  :

Introducing “LEAD – Leadership Characteristics”

(Information & Communication Technology)  

  • Modeling the way / Inspirational Leaders (inspiring Action)
  • Communicate with the heart (Inspiring Action)
  • Coaching & Mentoring (Developing Capabilities)
  • Guiding Cooperative action (Setting Direction)


SESI 2 :

Communication with The Heart – Inspiring Action

  • Developing interpersonal skills: Effective Supervisor Communication Skill.


SESI 3 :

Inspiring Action

  • Creating high-performance teams that are cross functional and multi-cultural.

Leadership Role to lead by Example. Technique and Skills. 

Inspirational Leaders. The Important Aspect for Manager or Supervisor

  • The signal we send
  • The role of example
  • Signaling activity guideline – role play and activity sheet


SESI 4 :

Modeling The Way – Case Study

  • What make an Effective Manage / Supervisor


Day Two

SESI 5 :

Developing Capabilities 

  • Developing others through effective coaching and mentoring.
  • Delegating for greater impact and results.
  • Developing your self with peer consulting and feedback.


SESI 6 :

Case Study – Coaching and Mentoring What Characteristic

Would Contribute to Coaching ?

  • Coaching Assessment Guidelines
  • Tailor Your Coaching Role Play


SESI 7 :

Resetting Direction

Measurement: What Get Measure Get Down 

  • The driving force of My Life, My Value and My Outcomes Tools.
  •  Tools for developing Key Results in My Life, daily, weekly.


SESI 8 :

The Importance of Leadership 

  • Road to Recovery
  • Enhancing Performance
  • Good Corporate Governance
  • Social Responsibility




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